Thriller Special Edition (3 dvd)

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Awesome pack commemorating its anniversary. Includes all the music short films, live performances, the awards, his appearances, making of, the commercials and more! 3 dvds pack, more than 3 hours!

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DVD content

Dvd 1. Excellent quality (except where indicated):

  • Videos:
    • Billie Jean
    • Beat it
    • Thriller
    • Muscles
    • Say, say, say
    • Somebody’s watchin’ me (good/very good)
    • Torture(good/very good)
    • We are the world
    • Eaten alive (moderate)
  • Awards:
    • Grammy Awards ’84
    • Grammy Awards ’86

Dvd 2:

  • Performances:
    • Full performance in Motown 25: excellent quality
    • James Brown Concert: very good quality
    • Billie Jean (live from Victory Tour): good/very good
    • We are the world at the American Music Awards: excellent
    • We are the world (Michael’s solo): excellent
  • Awards: 
    • American Music Awards ’84: good/very good quality
    • Walk of fame: very good quality
    • Record Guinness Book: good/very good quality
    • Ronald Reagan Gives Awards: very good quality
  • Appearances & Commercials:
    • Madame Tussaud good quality
    • Victory Tour Tickets Conference: good quality
    • Victory Tour Presentation Conference: good/very good quality
    • Conference with Plastic Surgeon: good quality
    • With Frank Sinatra: very good quality
    • Pepsi Add (The Street): very good quality
    • Pepsi Add (The Concert): very good quality

Dvd 3. Excellent quality:

  • The full Making of Thriller: includes videos, interviews, make-up sessions, rehearsings, acting…and many more!
  • Making a Monster, from Private Home Movies
  • The Short Film

DVD info

  • Number of discs: 3
  • Runtime: 215 minutes
  • Quality: See dvd content, most excellent / very good
  • Language: English (dvd 3 also available with Spanish sub)
  • Others: Animated Menus, Covers in photo paper, Printed dvds


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