Take 2: The Interview You Were Never Meant To See

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This report showed the world how Living with Michael Jackson was manipulated to show the weird size of Michael. This was recorded by Michael’s personal crew

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  • Full show with no logo or subtitles:
  • Take 2 was a report filmed by Michael’s personal crew to show the world how Martin Bashir manipulated ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ documentary to make Michael look weird and so by cutting scenes. This contains many scenes from the previous report recorded from another point of view. An excellent example about how far the press can go.

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  • Number of discs: 1
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Quality: Excellent
  • Language: English
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1 review for Take 2: The Interview You Were Never Meant To See

  1. jmpbad

    This DVD is about what Martin Bashir did to MJ he edit some stuff on Mj to make himself look good when I first saw this it was on Fox 17 in 2003 everyone should get this.

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