What is the quality of our products?

We provide screenshots of all our products on their description. Some of them also have a video sample. 

Have in mind our products will look better than screenshots, as quality is lost when these are taken. 

We guarantee that the quality of our products is the highest you will find for Michael Jackson videos. Should you find a better one, we will either give you a refund or send the new version.

Bluray: High Definition videos (720p resolution or higher, unless specified otherwise). A HD TV and a Bluray player are required to enjoy the experience at its best. They can also be played on computers with a bluray drive or in PS4/5 and other videogame devices that use bluray.

Pro videos: footage that has been professionally recorded, either from TV or from Master Tapes. On these, quality varies from low to excellent (real dvd quality).

Private Recordings: amateur recordings by fans of concerts or Michael Jackson moments (visiting cities, zoos…mega rare stuff). Real treasures for fans.

Where do these videos come from?

These videos are not pirate in any case. This is stuff that is not available on any store and has never been officially released. In case it is, they are removed from here.

They come from years of collecting and trading in different circles and sources (master tapes, TV transfers, etc.)

Do these products come with artwork?

All Blurays and dvds come with hard cases, printed discs (no cheap labels) and high quality covers in glossy photo paper. They look just as good as any professional one. Audio cds come with printed discs and sleeves.

Besides, all videos come with interactive menus and track selection to ease the navigation and better the user experience.