What is the quality of the products?

It is not easy to describe quality o the dvds with words, so it is best to check the screenshots and samples provided, having into consideration that they usually show slightly slower quality than final products (it is difficult to capture screenshots from videos). Anyway, we guarantee that the products we offer are the best available in the net, and, should you find a better one, we have no inconvenience in providing you with the best one.

Bluray: High Definition videos (720p resolution of higher). Needs a High Definition Tv or player to enjoy it fully. 

Pro stuff: dvds that are not privately recorded. Usually from Tv or Master Tapes. Here quality varies from low to excellent (real dvd quality)

Private Recordings: usually amateur recordings of concerts, but you can also find footage from Michael visits around the world (disc premiere, trials, visits to zoos…). This stuff is often mega rare to find, specially captured for fans but may not be attractive for others.

Where do these dvd come from?

First of all, please have in mind our dvds are not official (except where indicated such as Moonwalker, The Wiz…). We are against piracy, and if there is a dvd we offer that has been officially released, that means we are selling the officially released one, not a copy.  Our collections comes from years of trading, private collections, master tapes, tv transfers (analogue and now digital) and more.

Do the dvds come with any artwork?

All dvds come in hard cases, with covers printed in high quality glossy photo paper and directly printed discs (no sticky labels), so they look as professional as any others. We are constantly working on new covers and labels to make them as perfect as possible. They come sealed as well and they are shipped in bubble-mailers to ensure their protection.

All dvds come with interactive menus and chapter selection, so as to ease your navigation through them.